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Innostavia menetelmiä kriittisen nettilukemisen opettamiseen

Educating Critical Online Readers #CORE

he Internet is rapidly becoming the defining technology for literacy and, as a result, it is essential for educators to teach students to become critical consumers of online information. The increasing spread of misleading and false information accentuates this need.

The #CORE (Educating Critical Online REaders) project aims to:

1) develop and validate an assessment that measures students’ skills to critically evaluate online texts;

2) develop and test the efficiency of two instructional programs that are targeted to enhance students’ ability to critically evaluate online texts;

3) understand the role of motivational factors in learning critical evaluation skills, and

4) understand whether there are gender differences in how students benefit from the motivational components that are incorporated into instruction.

Funding source

#CORE is an Academy Research Fellow project (Sept. 1, 2019 - Aug.31, 2024) funded by the Academy of Finland.