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Digital and Physical Immersion in Radiology and Surgery (DPI)

Tampere University

The DPI research project aims at co-creating and developing innovative technical solutions for medical and surgical use. The project begins with a co-creation phase, which is followed by an co-innovation phase where virtual reality, artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies are applied. The focus is both on creating a new channel for communication and on creating new value for radiology. I

nterpreting three-dimensional body tissues through two-dimensional image slices takes the doctors years to learn. This project produces more realistic, immersive 3D models with AR and VR technologies. These technologies provide surgeons and other medical staff with new visual data.


The aim of the project is to facilitate health personnel in their work by creating effective and accelerated treatment processes. Another goal is to create more comfortable patient experiences. Furthermore, the project will help experts in medicine and technology to build and strengthen professional networks.

The DPI project cooperates with business partners that represent cutting-edge medical technologies. The project develops new devices and tools built on interfaces that use haptics, gaze tracking, and speech interaction. The work methods include workshops and demos. In addition to its global networks, the research group partners regionally with Tampere University Hospital (TAYS) and Pirkanmaa health care district.


Funding source

Business Finland

Participating companies



Nokia Bell Labs



Contact persons


Pertti Huuskonen

pertti.huuskonen [at]

+358 50 318 7716