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DIGI-SOC - Digital skills and cross-domain entrepreneurship for societal challenges

Funded by the EU
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Duration of project1.12.2021–30.11.2023

The aim of the project is to foster entrepreneurial and digital competences in cross-sectoral contexts.


The DIGI-SOC project offers a framework to address the needs related to developing transnational cooperation to foster innovative curricula which promote entrepreneurial mindsets and competences combined with digital skills. The inclusive perspective introduces a global approach in developing novel curricula, in the same time tackling local challenges and addressing common needs at European level. In htis way, the project offers a platform to enrich
a new paradigm in which higher education institutions work in strong partnerships to improve competences in transnational curricula.

The project aims at converting transnational cooperation into sound curricular material that addresses digital skills and cross-domain entrepreneurial competences of students prepared for facing societal challenges. For that reason, the project builds its results on the following activities: (i) mapping the digital skills and cross-domain entrepreneurial competences, (ii) identifying new or tailoring the existing curricular materials in HEIs (iii) facilitating student international projects that allow the mastering of skills & competences in action learning (iv) going local to reach out the civic society and address some local actions allowing the universities to become more entrepreneurial (third mission of universities) (v) elaborating a pedagogical and informative book that covers the actions taken and results achieved.

The main result of the project, The handbook of digital skills and cross-domain entrepreneurial competences, will collect and analyse both the process and the individual outcomes of the project activities for extended use throughout Europe.

Funding source

Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships (CP) 2021-2027

Contact persons

Perttu Heino
perttu.heino [at]