Development of Energy Education in the Mekong Area (DEEM)

The DEEM project responds to the identified needs of the Mekong area:

  1. create sustainable energy engineering curricula
  2. improve the sustainable energy knowledge and promote innovative pedagogical approaches and skills to foster research oriented learning
  3. improve the international, national and regional networks and knowledge exchange  

The project aims to integrate futures and sustainability thinking, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, build public-private partnerships and include innovative teaching methods. Associate partners from the national governments and civil society provide guidance on most relevant challenges and skills needed.


Project coordinator is Finnish Future Research Center (University of Turku). Electical Energy Engineering and Automation and Hydraulics from Tampere University are members of the project.


The wider objective is to ensure that the partners are able to respond to the capacity and employment needs of sustainable energy development in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. The objective will have a direct link to strengthening the integration of sustainable energy goals into national level energy policies, provide qualified energy experts into the local, national and regional labor markets and foster greater collaboration between the traditionally siloed public and private sectors and increase regional level cooperation and mobility in research, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The possible direct short term impacts include modernisation and internationalisation of partners, and in long term the project will contribute to sustainable energy policies, mitigation of climate GHG emissions and climate change, energy security and better access to energy for all.

Funding source

EU, EU Erasmus + Capacity Buiding in Higher Education

Contact persons

Mika Korkeakoski

Project manager

mika.korkeakoski [at]

+358 44 333 3275