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The development of circular economy in the demolition industry

Tampere University
Duration of project1.3.2021–28.2.2022

There are about a hundred companies operate in the demolition industry in Finland. The demolition industry is fragmented, and its operations are often foreign to outsiders. In the demolition industry, about demolition materials, the need has arisen both to reduce the carbon footprint and to enhance and speed up the recycling of demolition materials and to effectively bring them directly to further use. This project therefore seeks a solution to how the circular economy of the demolition industry could be developed and at the same time significantly reduce the industry's carbon footprint. In the project, a preliminary study is prepared for the development of the circular economy in the demolition industry, i.e. the various technical possibilities and requirements of a new type of waste station are clarified. In this way, the cleanest recycled material is effectively obtained for further use, and at the same time, the number of machines required at demolition sites can be significantly reduced.

More information is needed on the techniques that enable the identification of demolition waste materials to make the division of demolition waste more efficient in terms of logistics and energy economy and to better implement the principles of the circular economy.

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Funding source

The Council of Tampere Region