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Dependable Systems CyberLab

Tampere University
Hervanta Campus
AddressKorkeakoulunkatu 3

Dependable Systems CyberLab

The infrastructure of the Dependable Systems CyberLab (DSACyberLab) provides modern industrial control system network interconnecting various processes from moving machines to process automation and Smart Grids. It is built from long lifecycle viewpoint. The main process is 45 years old and process equipment consists of components with different phases of lifecycle. The core automation system is kept as close to state-of-the-art as possible e.g. we have virtualised all non-realtime parts of the system.

The core network is industrial fiberoptic ring network built using modern industrial infrastructure components. It supports fast fault tolerance against cable problems and standard industrial communication protocols as well as modern mWave 5G communication. Many research and education environments utilize the core network and most important is the Distillation Process.

The core computing infrastructure is built on top of enterprise grade virtualisation solution adapted to automation environments. However, we still have capability to access serial port equipment and devices.