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Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy

Research focus and goals

Our main research projects concern breast-prostate and colorectal cancers, but we have also research projects of melanoma, lymphoma and brain cancers.


In breast cancer we study the prognostic and predictive factors, carcinogenesis, hypoxia, inflammation ja immunology and extracellular matrix also in different breast cancer subtypes and  in neoadjuvant treatment. We are also part in international inherited breast cancer cohort study (Breast Cancer Association Consortium BCAC).

In colonrectal cancer we have a large national so called RAXO-trial to find out outcome and prognostic and predictive markers of these cancers and the meanfull of microscopic disease in these diseases.

In brain cancer we study the immunology and inflammation in different gliomas and in brain lymphoma we check out the  tumor burden before and after the blood brain barrier is opened.

We do epidemiological research of breast, colorectal and gynecological cancers by using different finish register for example Cancer Register, Finnish Diabetes Register and North Finland Born Cohort 1966. Also psychosocial studies are made by melanoma, testis cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and lymphoma.

Cardiac toxicity related to radiotherapy and anti-programmed death (PD)-1 therapies are studied to find out predictive clinical imaging and laboratory biomarkers.

Medical research trials of cancer  phase I-III are made in FONK centrum (breast, prostate, urogenital,melanoma) (FONK [at] (FONK[at]pshp[dot]fi))

Collaboration is made between different national and international research group like Finnish Breast Cancer Group, Finnish Lymphoma Group, Finnish Oncology Group, Breast International Group (BIG), Scandinavian Prostate Cancer Group (SPCG), Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC), Denmark Århus, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, the Department of Oncology (Oulu, Kuopio,Helsinki), University of Oulu, University of Turku

Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy  is a part of Tays cancer center made by Tampere University Hospital and Tampere University.( center)