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Cybersecurity Laboratories for Smart Industry

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Duration of project1.11.2020–31.3.2023

1. Co-operation network: we are building a cooperation network of companies in the Pirkanmaa region and the Tampere university community.
2. Laboratory Environments: We design and develop a controlled entity of the current scattered cybersecurity-related technical environments in the university community.
3. Improving competence and innovation capacity: we will develop cooperation with companies in laboratory environments to enable testing, product development, innovation and training activities related to cyber security in the smart industry in as authentic environment as possible. We will create a functioning research and development platform.


The Cyber Security Laboratories for Smart Industry (KyLÄ) project responds to needs of the the SME companies in Pirkanmaa by deepening co-operation between the cyber security laboratories of the Tampere universities community (TAMK+TAU). Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and University of Tampere (TAU) have long worked in areas such as industrial technology, digitalisation and cyber security. At present, the key strengths of Pirkanmaa, e.g. the digitalisation of smart industry, related research environments exist decentrally on all campuses of the Tampere universities community. But the conscious utilization of those as a whole research, competence and innovation platform is still being developed. The emergence of that innovation platform in Pirkanmaa requires a joint project of the Tampere universities community, during which an innovation and development platform is planned and build based on community's know-how, current technological environments and co-operation with companies. The project also enables the use of technical environments for smaller companies, from startups to the SME sector.

The project builds a co-operation network of companies in the Pirkanmaa area and the Tampere universities community, plans and develops a controlled entity from the existing industrial cyber security related technical environments, and develops in laboratory environments towards innovation platform.

As a result of the project, an industrial cyber security cooperation network will be created in the Pirkanmaa area.

The universities community will have a high-quality technical cyber security research and education environment that is suitable for use by industrial production related companies. The technical environments forms to a platform for cooperation and development, which serves as a meeting place between academia and companies of different sizes. It allows companies to: 1) build and develop services, 2) create new concepts, 3) test future products, and 4) provide training and participate in training without their own infrastructure. The innovation platform creates opportunities for companies to improve their skills and for Pirkanmaa to become a top expert in this field.

The project will generate new activities in which the technical environments of educational institutions will open up as a unified platform for innovation and development suitable for SME use.

Funding source

Euroopan alukehitysrahasto (EAKR) 2014-2020

Contact persons

Ville Haapakangas
ville.haapakangas [at]