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Curriculum Development for Climate Change Education

Tampere University
Professional Teacher Education, Education
Environmental Policy and Regional Studies
Area of focusSociety

The aim of curriculum development for climate change education project (1.8.2021–31.12.2023) is; 1) To increase mutual understanding of the intellectual, cultural and social contexts and complexities of curriculum development for climate change education in Europe and Southeast Asia (Indonesia); 2) To collect empirical data from teacher educators and teachers in Finland and Indonesia and compare the results concerning informants' positioning in terms of climate change and need for climate change education. This enables both national level reporting but also comparative research designs; 3) Collaboratively develop and experiment curricula for Climate Change Education for preservice teacher education at the universities and Inservice teacher education in junior secondary schools.  With narrative approach, the project aims to encourage teachers at high schools to integrate local ideas into their subjects to make them concrete and tangible for learners and help them conceptualize the phenomena in their contexts.

The project partners are Tampere University researchers in Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (Indonesia University of Education) (UPI), and Yayasan Sukma (Sukma Foundation) Indonesia. The project is funded by Finnish National Agency for Education under the Team Finland Knowledge programme.

The project anticipates achieving all three above-mentioned aims by increasing theoretically argumented understanding of climate change positioning in both Finland and Indonesia. Moreover, the project expects to experiment and disseminate the curriculum modules. The project will also increase the intensity of mutual research cooperation between the universities.

Team Finland Knowledge programme

Funding source

Team Finland Knowledge programme

Coordinating organisation

Tampere University 



Indonesia University of Education (UPI) 

Yayasan Sukma (Sukma Foundation)

Contact persons

Eero Ropo   eero.ropo [at]

Golaleh Makrooni   golaleh.makrooni [at]