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Concrete and Bridge Structures

Our research is focused to behaviour of concrete and bridge structures. Used structures evolve all the time, new material are being developed, existing structures are detoriated and competitiveness gain greater attention. The need for research raise up from these.

Research focus and goals

The group conduct research about concrete structures and bridge structures. Member of group is part of several national and international groups, like: fib, IABSE and CEN TC 250.

The goal is strengthen knowledge about behaviour of structures by means of research and education. The research objectives are linked to safe, durable and competitive structures. Based on these objectives it is possible to build sensible structures and make right decisions during their lifetime. The objective of the education is to get professionals for needs for society who are focused on concrete structures.

The research areas and recent project linked to them are:

  • Structural systems and structures made from concrete: Prestressed Structures Made Continuous, Structural Behaviour of Concrete piles, Prestressed Concrete Columns, Strength of Concrete between Cores, Standard Specimens and Structures
  • Concrete and steel bridges: Structural Behaviour of Post-Tensioned Concrete after tendon brake, Structural Behaviour of Filler Beam Decks, Riveted Railway Steel Bridges, Soil-Bridge-Interaction