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Computational Biophysics and Imaging Group (CBIG)

We drive to deliver new knowledge and methods for future personalized medicine based on data from personalized cell models derived using stem cell technologies and from in-silico medicine.  

We are especially interested in understanding and assessing mechanisms of cellular biophysics developing novel 3D imaging, electrophysiolgy and computatioanal modeling.  

Our close collaborators; PhD Soile Nymark's research group Biophysics of the Eye and PhD Teemu Ihalainen group of Cellualr Biophyscs are also concentrating on this area.  

We are part of Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence on Body on Chip Research.

Research focus and goals

1. We develop new methods for 3D bioimaging and image-based modelling of cellular and tissue functions developing multimodal and hybrid imaging systems with optical, electric and X-ray 3D imaging method from novel instruments, inverse contructions to image analysis.

2. We develop bioelectric systems using bioimpedance, and various electrophysiological interactions e.g., patch clamp, and multichannel electrode arrays (MEAs, calcium imaaging.

3. We develop computational models of cellular biophysics to decipher the cellular biophysics integrating in-silico and in-vitro human induced stem cell personalized and drug screening platforms.

We are part of Human spare part consortium  We are part of the Academy of Finland Center of Excellence on Body on Chip Research


Aktiivisia hankkeita:

  • Suomen Akatemian "Body on Chip technology research" huippuyksikössä. 2018-2025  
  • Business Finlandin päärahoittamassa "Human Spareparts" kehityshankkeessa. 2017-2019  
  • EU H2020 Future Emerging Technology PPROACT ohjelman HERMES-hankkeessa 2019-2014.  
  • EU H2020 MSCA-IF project STOICISM  Jane ja Aatos Erkon rahoitamassa Aivojen biosähköinen kuvaaminen Hankkessa, 2019-2021  
  • Kahdessa Suomen Akatemian tohtoritutjan hankkessa Michelangelo Paci, 2017-2020 and Kerstin Lenk, 2018-2021  
  • Sekä useiden muiden suomalaisten säätiöiden tutkijoiden rahoitukseen kohdistuneissa hankkeissa

Contact persons

Jari Hyttinen


jari.hyttinen [at]

+358 40 849 0020