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Centre of Excellence in Body-on-Chip Research

Tampere University
Centre of Excellence

The Center for Excellence in Body-on-Chip Research is a multidisciplinary research consortium formed by six research groups at the Tampere University. The aim of our CoE is to combine technological and biological expertise and develop a new Body-on-chip concept. Body-on-chip refers to cell culture equipment that, in addition to the cell cultures themselves, has technology to stimulate cells and monitor their function. The equipment is usually built on a microfluidic platform that allows automated cell culture medium perfusion and possible drug delivery.


The aim of our CoE is to build a human-based multi-tissue model that mimics the functions of the human body. With the body on-a-chip we are able to study the basic biology of human tissues as well as model systemic diseases and trauma.


The tissues of the Body-on-Chip are formed from differentiated human stem cells. The aim is to form human heart, liver, nerve, bone and adipose tissues, which are also vascularized and innervated. The equipment also includes advanced imaging and sensor technology for analysing and control tissues and their function. The research will leverage the extensive expertise of the Center of Excellence in cell and tissue biology, biomaterials, sensor technology, microsystems, imaging, computer modelling. The Center of Excellence will produce significant new knowledge, such as understanding of tissue interactions, in vitro construction of composite tissues, and monitoring and guiding their activities.