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Celiac Disease Research Center

Celiac Disease Research Center (CeliRes) conducts  multidisclipinary research on gluten-induced disease entities ranging from epidemiological and clinical studies to genetics, immunobiology and microbiology.

Research focus and goals

The Celiac Disease Research Center has several focus areas:

  • celiac disease in adults
  • celiac disease in children
  • immunobiology of celiac disease
  • dermatitis herpetiformis
  • genetics

Moreover, CeliRes harbors a service laboratory that provides diagnostic tests for health care providers and researchers.

Our focus is to advance the current understanding of gluten-induced disease entities. To achieve this, a multidisciplinary approach is needed. Our studies cover diverse areas including clinical and epidemiological research, genetics, immunology, cell biology, microbiology and bioinformatics.

The main aims of our research are:

  • to improve diagnostics of celiac disease
  • to understand the protean clinical manifestations of celiac disease and factors affecting them
  • to investigate the prevalence of gluten-induced disease entities
  • to understand the disease burden to patients and the health care system
  • to increase understanding of the disease pathogenesis, including the contribution of genetic factors
  • to optimize the gluten-free dietary treatment and work towards new treatment options

Contact persons

Katri Kaukinen

Professor, director of CeliRes

katri.kaukinen [at]

+358 50 318 6343


Katri Lindfors

katri.lindfors [at]

+358 50 318 6306