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Architecture; Management of Built Heritage

Research group in the School of Architecture does responsible, goal-oriented and societally influential research in the following main fields of study: history of architecture, renovation and architectural construction.


Research focus and goals

About our main fields of study:

  • Research that applies knowledge about architectural history and building traditions on the valuation and care of the built heritage and on the development of new construction.
  • Renovation and circular construction: extending the lifespans of buildings, the dynamics of the building stock; the building stock as a reserve of spaces and materials; and the reuse of building components.
  • Architectural construction, whose subtopics are: building materials, construction systems and processes and building codes.

Research on the history of architecture and the care of the built heritage aims at culturally and ecologically sustainable preservation and development of the built environment.

Research on renovation supports the sustainable use and development of the building stock by providing knowledge that facilitates the conservation of buildings economic and functional value as well as energy and resource efficiency. Special focus areas are the renovation of mass housing and the reuse of concrete panels.

The main goal of the research on architectural construction is to advance the competitiveness of large-scale industrial timber construction in Finland as a part of bioeconomy and sustainable development.

Researchers on the history of architecture focus on the timber construction tradition, values in building conservation and the history of modern architecture.

Research on renovation provides basic understanding of the building stock, which acts as the basis for developing methods to extend lifespans of buildings through the spatial modification of buildings and the reuse of components. Research is done in collaboration with the research group Service-life engineering of Structures.

The latest research projects in architectural construction have focused on the following subcategories of timber construction:

  • competitiveness of timber-built blocks of flats
  • the opportunities of timber construction in energy renovation and additional floors of mass housing neighbourhoods.


Dovetailed massive wood board elements for multi-story buildings (DoMWoB - project)

DoMWoB / European Commission CORDIS