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Academy for Sustainable Future Educators (EduSTA)

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Duration of project1.6.2022–31.5.2025


EduSTA is an Erasmus+ Teacher Academies (2022-2025) project with the purpose of providing 1) A strong network of teacher education institutions with shared understanding of educators’ role in ecological transition, the needed competences and educational needs, “Academy for Sustainable Future Educators” (EduSTA) leading to
sustainable, long-lasting collaboration; 2) a collaboratively produced operationalisation of KSCs in the teaching profession implemented through a jointly developed educational offering and open digital
badges-driven learning pathways; 3)  Deeper understanding and tested sustainable project collaboration practices in
international collaboration.  

The project is coordinated by TAMK with University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Hanze University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands), Czech University of Lifes Sciences (Czech Republic) and University of Girona (Catalynya, Spain) as partners.

Funding source

Erasmus+ Teacher Academies 2021-2027

Contact persons

Eveliina Asikainen
eveliina.asikainen [at]

Ella Kallio
ella.kallio [at]