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3Bs: bioceramics, bioglasses and biocomposites

Tampere University
Area of focusHealth, Technology

Our mission is to develop new synthetic materials for soft and hard tissue regeneration. The main focus is on bioactive and bioresorbable glasses and polymer/bioceramics composites. Materials are processed into, frits, bulks, fibers or scaffolds depending on the intended application: i.e. bone, cartilage or nerve regeneration.

Our research focuses on

  • Processing and characterization of new bioactive materials with controlled therapeutic ions release
  • Better understand the biomaterials/cells and biomaterials/protein interactions
  • Develop scaffolds with load bearing properties
  • Combine the optical and bioactive properties of glass to develop new biosensors and/or materials imaging techniques (biophotonics)

On a daily basis we study the chemical, structural, mechanical and physicochemical properties of a wide variety of materials, i.e. from polymer to ceramics for application in the medical field.

Group members

Post-doctoral researchers

PhD, Amel Houaoui

PhD students

Agata Szczodra

Virginia Alessandra Gobbo

Sonya Ghanavati

Anastasia Astanina

Audrey Deraine

MSc Students

Ria Makkonen

Tomi Antilla

Henriikka Teittinen

BSc Students

Steeven Buitrago Hernandez


Olli Korhonen (research assistant)

Suvi Huhtanen (Summer trainee)

Current projects

Academy of Finland: Uniquely Designed Bioactive Glass Scaffolds: UNIBIO (2020-2024)

Academy of Finland: In-vivo imaging device based on biophotonic implants: GLOWTRACK (2020-2022)

H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019: Precision medicine for musculoskeletal regeneration, prosthetics, and active ageing - GA number 860462 (2020-2024)

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation: Bioactive Glass. scaffold for tissue engineerin: AGATE (2016-2022)