Whodunnits are great but the Unit magazine is even better

A person in a hammock.
As 2021 marks the year of research-based knowledge in Finland, what better way to spend your time this summer than relaxing in hammock reading Unit, the fresh flagship publication of Tampere Universities?

Do you feel you never have enough time to read lengthy, well-written articles about topics that interest you?

Such as poverty being the world’s biggest health problem, according to researchers who are working to improve children’s health?

Or maybe you are interested in knowing what responsibility means in the restaurant industry and how the related attitudes and practices have evolved in the past few decades?

Now that we are all in a playful summer mood, why not look into the first Finnish AI-brewed beer that evolves based on consumer feedback? And maybe even how innovations are born!

All these and many more stories are available in the Unit magazine of Tampere Universities that you can read online at any time.

Read the stories described above:

or browse the magazine to find other favourites stories:

The Unit magazine delves into current issues and explores a variety of topics from society’s perspective. The magazine offers research-based knowledge and fresh insights and highlights the impacts that new discoveries are having on our daily lives. Unit caters to a wide audience and combines scholarly information with being delightfully readable.

Although the magazine focuses on technology, health and society in line with the priority areas of Tampere Universities, the articles showcase the broad spectrum of our research and teaching and feature specialists, students, alumni and other members of our diverse community.

Together for deeper knowledge – even during the summer holiday season!

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