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Weisell Foundation donates €75.000 to Tampere University

Published on 28.4.2022
Tampere University
Mikko Voipio ja Mari Walls.
Chair Mikko Voipio from Weisell Foundation attended a coffee event with President Mari Walls on 21 April 2022. Photo: Johanna Harju
The donation is dedicated to the field of engineering.

The Weisell Foundation has donated €75 000 to education in the field of technology at Tampere University.

Endowments are important to the university. They contribute to the long-term development of research and education and enable the university to invest in new openings and internationalisation.

“We are very pleased with Weisell Foundation’s donation, which is an important contribution to the promotion of education in engineering. The purpose of out university is to build a sustainable world together, and this donation supports the sustainability aspect in different technology fields,” says President Mari Walls.

The mission of the Weisell Foundation is to promote scientific research, education, social actions, environmental conditions, maritime safety, and the study and preservation of maritime heritage.

“Weisell Foundation’s mission is to support projects related to the sea, the environment, and research and education. Through our activities, we can also contribute to maintaining the balance between people and nature. Sustainable development based on long-term rational decision-making is one of our values, both in the selection of the projects we support and in the development of our own activities. New technology and its use are close to our values,” says Mikko Voipio, Chair of the Board of Weisell Foundation.

Voipio holds a Licenciate of Science (Technology) degree and has worked as a researcher at CERN among other places. He is also a well-known history buff and marine history enthusiast.

Weisell Foundation was established in 2016. In 2016 and 2017, the foundation donated €50.000 to Tampere University of Technology.

Tampere University is running a fund-raising campaign enabled by a €100 million grant from Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. The matched funding scheme will provide Finnish universities with up to 2.5 times the amount of funding for the donations they collect. Every donated euro may thus mean €3.5 for teaching and research at Tampere University.