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A variety of studies offered in the summer of Covid-19

Published on 20.5.2020
Tampere University
The faculties of Tampere University offer degree students several opportunities for summer studies. Free studies that are open to all are also offered by the Open University, the Summer University of Tampere and the multidisciplinary International Summer School that will take place in August.

“Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, our faculties are offering more studies than usual this summer. The studies are organised as e-learning and in other alternative ways,” says Project Manager Sanna Kivimäki from the Education and Learning Development Programme.

The Summer University of Tampere organises free language courses where degree students may earn credits, and other Open University study units. In addition, Open University is offering joint online studies free of charge for the degree students of all Finnish universities until the end of July.

Courses in engineering and technology may be studied in courses organised by the Finnish Institute of Technology (FITech), and Tampere University’s Language Centre offers language courses. In addition, Y-kampus has more teaching related to learning, entrepreneurship and skills development than usual.

“We have posted both the usual summer study offerings for degree students and the study options that have been tailored for this exceptional situation on their own page on the Student’s Guide. Here, students get to see a collection of additional information and application instructions for a variety of summer studies,” Kivimäki notes.

Versatile offerings in the exceptional circumstances

The Ministry of Education and Culture has long encouraged higher education institutions to increase their year-round study provision. The Covid-19 epidemic has accelerated responses to this challenge.

“Due to the exceptional circumstances, many students have had to reconsider their summer plans because summer jobs and internships have been cancelled. Thus, Tampere University wants to offer students the opportunity to study full-time and progress in their studies during the summer,” says Vice President for Education Marja Sutela.

According to Sutela, the University’s faculties have been able to expand their summer study options in quick and diverse ways in the exceptional situation. Cooperation between universities in the provision of studies has also increased.

“As we have also gathered the summer study options of other actors in one place, the study offerings are diverse and extensive. For example, Open University’s free studies and FITech’s studies in the field of technology complement the offerings quite nicely,” Sutela adds.

All summer study options are published on the Student’s Guide and the instructions related to the studies are targeted especially to the degree students of Tampere University. All studies gathered on the page are free of charge for the students of Tampere University.

More detailed instructions on enrolment and other practical issues on the open studies offered by other actors can be found on each actor’s website.

Further information on summer studies:

Vice President Marja Sutela’s column on the Universities Finland Unifi website (in Finnish):
Yliopistokoulutusta pandemian aikaan 



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