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Unit magazine instigates debate

Published on 16.4.2019
Tampere Universities
Unit magazine launch image 16 April 2019
Unit is our university community’s fresh new publication that deals with current phenomena.

Unit is our university community’s fresh new publication that offers research-based knowledge to counterbalance disinformation and false notions. Unit participates in the social debate by challenging issues, asking and answering questions, and justifying the answers.

“Our community encompasses a huge range of experiences on research, expertise and education. Together we cover a great variety of sections of life and society and are in no danger of running out of topics to write about,” says Managing Editor Hanna Hyvärinen.

“In the first issue, we concentrate on eg climate change, the future of food culture and vaccine development,” she continues.

Unit is published as both an online and printed version in Finnish and English. The first printed Finnish-language issue will be available on the campuses and a few other outlets in Tampere before May Day. The English-language issue will come out right after May Day.

In the online edition, stories are continuously updated. Keep tabs on what is happening in Unit by following Unit’s Facebook page. You may also comment on the stories on Unit’s Twitter account.


Facebook: UnitMagazine

Twitter: Unit_Mag

unit [at]

Editorial office: Managing Editor Hanna Hyvärinen, Subeditor Tiina Lankinen, Sanna Kähkönen, Arja Hautala

Editors-in-chief: Tuuli Laukkanen (Tampere University) and Leena Stenman (Tampere University of Applied Sciences)