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UAS students are now within the sphere of FSHS’ health care services

Published on 12.1.2021
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
YTHS:n palvelut 2021
A new law on health care for higher education students took effect at the beginning of 2021. The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) produces health care services for all degree students of Finnish higher education institutions. Universities of applied sciences and their more than 100,000 degree students joined the service at the turn of the year.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences has approximately 9,000 attending bachelor’s or master’s degree students. They as well as Tampere University’s degree students now receive their health care services from FSHS. The services include extensive preventive health care and wellbeing support services as well as medical and dentist services.

In Tampere, FSHS services are located at Kalevantie 3 in the city centre and dental health services at Korkeakoulunkatu 6 in Hervanta. Regardless of their place of study, FSHS clients can use any of the service units of FSHS around Finland. In addition to face-to-face services, FSHS’ national digital services are available.

All FSHS’ basic health care services are available for an affordable health care fee. Higher education students’ statutory health care fee is paid to Kela twice in a year. In 2021, the fee is 35.80 euros per semester.

The first payment has to be made by 31 January if students have registered for attendance for the spring semester. Those registering for attendance after 1 February have to pay the fee by 31 July 2021.

In Tampere, FSHS services are used by degree students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University and Police University College. The services do not cover international exchange students or open university/UAS or continuing education students. In Tampere, the city will offer health care services for TAMK’s and Tampere University’s exchange students coming from EU and ETA countries, Switzerland, Australia and Quebec, Canada.

Health care services for higher education students are based on legislation and they are equal around Finland. The amount of the health care fee will be determined annually with a government decree. The fee will be used for financing higher education students’ health care. The state’s proportion of the total expenses is 77 %. 

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