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Training on publishing an article-based dissertation 20.9.2023

Published on 11.9.2023
Tampere Universities
Kirjaston hyllyä
Are you confused about copyright transfer agreements and Creative Commons licences? Do you puzzle over the quality of different journals? Learn more in this online training.

We will discuss issues related to the publication of an article-based dissertation, such as copyright and licensing. The practices of Tampere University, and the basic concepts of Open Access will be discussed as well. Please note that the writing and contents of a dissertation fall outside the scope of this training.

Article-based dissertation – publishing & practices on Wednesday 20 September 2023 at 9.30-11.00

What about?

  • The process and practices of publishing a dissertation at Tampere University 
  • Copyright and licensing of articles
  • Open Access vs. subscription-based publication channels 
  • Searching suitable publication channels

Fill in the registration form or join the session without pre-registration, the Teams link is available on the intranet.