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Tampere Univerity joins SiNANO!

Published on 15.5.2024
Tampere University
Sayani Majumdar´s lab
Photo: ITC-tiedekunta
We are pleased to announce that the University of Tampere has been accepted as a member of the prestigious SiNANO Institute. SiNANO, the European Academic and Scientific Association for Nanoelectronics, is a beacon of expertise in micro- and nanoelectronics with 26 prestigious European research organisations and universities. 

SiNANO's core objective is to promote research, development and collaboration aimed at increasing the global impact of European efforts in the field of nanoelectronic components and systems. As a non-profit association, SiNANO is committed to building a robust EU network of researchers committed to advancing the field.  

Sayani Majumdar, Associate Professor:  

– I am delighted that SiNANO has accepted Tampere University as a member. This alliance will significantly increase our visibility in the European nanotechnology sector and provide our students with unique opportunities to engage with leading research infrastructures such as Fraunhofer, CEA-Leti and Tyndall. It will also facilitate extensive collaboration not only within Europe but also with partner countries such as Japan and South Korea.  

– We offer a wide range of activities in Nanotechnology domain, experiences and potentials for collaborations that contribute also to the objectives of SINANO, adds Majumdar.