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Tomi Janhunen: AI from a knowledge-based perspective

Published on 10.5.2021
Tampere University
Tomi Janhunen.
Tomi Janhunen is a professor of computer science in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences. What intrigues him most about computer science is the rule-based approach, also known as logic programming, and the related applications and technologies.

“My research interests focus on theoretical computer science at the interface between computer science and mathematics. I have especially studied the effective deployment and applications of logic and automated reasoning. I have also conducted AI research,” Janhunen says.

According to Janhunen, one of the key goals for researchers in his field is to solve problems that require the completion of challenging reasoning tasks as effectively and systematically as possible based on information that is available about the problems. In other words, by combining the knowledge that is required to find solutions.

Janhunen says that huge steps have been taken in the development of intelligent applications in the past decade. In these efforts, a special focus has been on machine learning and data mining. In the future, the focus will shift to hybridisation and a multidisciplinary approach, Janhunen finds. The problems will be so complicated that in order to address them, it will be necessary to move beyond the scope of a single methodology. This will also require integration between different methods.

“These future trends are in line with my personal research goals. I am very much looking forward to seeing how computer science and AI evolve in the future.”

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