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Teemu Laine: How can we support success?

Published on 10.5.2021
Tampere University
Teemu Laine.
Teemu Laine is a professor of industrial engineering and management in the Faculty of Management and Business. His research interests lie in the performance of service businesses and the concept of success in a variety of business contexts. Laine’s special focus is on exploring how the achievement of goals can be tangibly supported in different organisations.

“My research is about understanding the choices people make, how they overcome challenges and, in particular, the related business impacts. I carry out research to shed light on these questions,” Laine says.

According to Laine, the underlying premise and logic of financial success is currently being rethought, among other things, from the perspectives of sustainability and well-being. Emerging technologies are changing the face of business. Overall, we are having to rethink leadership, supervision and performance measurement, Laine finds.

“Broadly speaking, my research is geared towards helping people and organisations succeed as well as rethinking and developing these issues. The study of individual and organisational performance has become increasingly relevant now that more and more people are saying that they want their work to reflect their values and have meaning,” Laine notes.

Laine adds that to support success, what is often needed is the courage to allow new avenues of thinking that go beyond the current practices and indicators. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone for the greater good is one of the keys to success. 

“All in all, performance and success are built on understanding, courage and trust – and working together.”

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