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Tampere University suspends all collaboration with organisations and institutions in Russia and Belarus

Published on 16.3.2022
Tampere University
The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture recommends higher education institutions to cut all educational and scientific ties with partner organisations located in Russia and Belarus. Tampere University follows the Ministry’s recommendation.

All ongoing research, education and other collaboration projects with organisations in Russia and Belarus will be halted. New research, education or other collaboration projects will not be launched. 

The University suspends all joint doctoral programmes and similar collaborations with partners in Russia and Belarus. Honorary professorships and doctorates conferred on professors in Russian and Belarussian universities will be renounced, and memberships in the scientific committees of journals will be discontinued. Organising or attending conferences in Russia or Belarus or organising conferences in collaboration with partners from these countries will not be possible. 

Travelling or going on exchange to Russia or Belarus will not be possible. Working remotely for or in Russia or Belarus will not be possible. 

All activities that involve the use of Tampere University’s resources for the benefit of Russia or Belarus or to support operations in Russia or Belarus are subject to the sanctions and must be suspended. These activities include, for example, cases where our researcher or employee uses Tampere University’s resources to work or write publications in collaboration with researchers who are affiliated with Russian or Belarussian academic organisations or work for the benefith of these organisations. 

All persons will be able to apply for study places and research positions in Finland regardless of their nationality. Existing employment contracts signed with Tampere University will remain in force as normal. As the transfer of funds from Finland to Russia and Belarus has been suspended, all employees must have an account in a Finnish bank so they can receive their salary. The University does not pay salaries in cash or by making any other special arrangements. As for non-employees who have signed a resource agreement with Tampere University, the faculties must assess their situation on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they will be able to continue their academic activities and whether telecommunications, payments and other activities can be managed so that they do not fall within the scope of the sanctions.     

With questions about the sanctions and the suspension of collaboration, please email ukraina-info.tau [at] (ukraina-info[dot]tau[at]tuni[dot]fi)