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Tampere University publishes research assessment report

Published on 30.11.2022
Tampere University
Photo: Jonne Renvall
Tampere University conducts an international assessment of all its research at regular intervals. With the help of assessments, the University gets comprehensive information on the quality and impact of its research relative to the world level. The University’s first research assessment is now completed, and the assessment report is published.

The new multidisciplinary Tampere University was established by the merger of the former University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology at the beginning of 2019.

The research assessment exercise (TAU RAE 2022) was carried out as an international peer-review in two phases.

Research conducted at the University was the topic of the first phase where the assessment units were the Units at the Faculties. The assessment panels comprising international experts visited the University in June 2022.

The second phase was arranged in October when the University was looked at as an enabler of high-quality influential research and as a creator of research environments. In the second phase, the chairs of the assessment panels and members of the external steering group visited the University.

At the end of the second phase, the assessment panel chairs delivered the introduction to the assessment report that has now been published. The introduction contains recommendations based on the assessment and discussions.

Research conducted at Tampere University was assessed by three panels for technology, health and society. The Units decided in which panel they wanted to be assessed.

The assessment produced experts’ perspectives into how Tampere University should be developed in the future. The University uses the assessment results to develop research.

The assessment process, especially self-evaluation, was widely appreciated by the university community.

“Tampere University wants to become even better and to make progress with the goals set out in its strategy. To this end, the external research assessment that covers all fields of science is an extremely important tool,” says President Mari Walls in the foreword of the assessment report.

"A research university is primarily an international institution. International co-operation in the world of science is essential for meeting global challenges. In addition, foreign businesses and
organisations have a notable role in the internationalisation of Tampere University’s research," Walls says.

A basic RAE assessment does not usually include a second phase. However, President Walls finds that it turned out to be useful. The chairs of the assessment panels conducted round table discussions with the university’s leadership on how the university could be developed as an environment for cutting-edge research that has an impact.