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Extensive cooperation in research assessment development

Published on 22.9.2022
Tampere University
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Photo: Jonne Renvall/Tampere Univerisity
The assessment practices for research and researchers are to be developed to recognise diversity better and to support open science. Together with several institutions, Tampere University has been involved in developing fair and responsible assessment.

Tampere University is committing to the responsible assessment of research and researcher by signing The Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment (2022). The European agreement sets a direction for research assessment as well as the quality and societal impact of research.

The signatories commit to the principles of diverse and qualitative assessment.  This means, that the assessment of research, researchers and research organisations recognises the diverse outputs, practices and activities that maximise the quality and impact of research. In 2019, Tampere University was the first Finnish university to sign the international DORA Declaration (San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment), which strives to make research assessment more open and versatile. The new agreement, composed by the European University Association, is now a natural continuation of the commitment to develop research assessment, and to reform evaluation methods and practices. 

The commitment steers towards primarily qualitative evaluation, based on peer-review, supported by responsible use of quantitative indicators.

In practice, Tampere University is committed to the principle of not placing inappropriate emphasis on publications. In addition, the University does not consider university rankings as a means to improve the quality of research.

Responsibility, quality and impact are at the heart of scientific research, underpinned by fair and encouraging assessment.

Responsible science relies on transparency

Responsible research assessment should not just be a matter of words. Scientific institutions should clarify to the public what responsible assessment means.

Quality assessment is not only about the quality of publications or other research outputs, but also about practices, transparency and equality.

The Ministry of Education and Culture contributes to developing national research system and research assessment. The responsible assessment of research and researchers was discussed at a Ministry of Education and Culture event in September.

It is hoped that the reforming research assessment will permeate the whole research, development, and innovation system. In Finland, science is European and global in nature, and this should be reflected in the national operating culture.

The text of the European Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment is available on the European University Association’s (EUA) website. More than 350 scientific organisations from over 40 countries have already pre-announced their

Reforming research assessment: the Agreement is now final
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