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Tampere University publishes Open Science Policy

Published on 7.2.2024
Tampere University
Photo: Jonne Renvall/Tampere University
The Open Science Policy acts as a guiding document in the promotion of Open Science at Tampere University. The new policy is available online.

In January 2024, Tampere University updated its Open Science Policy. The starting point for updating the policy is the rapid development of Open Science in recent years. In the revised policy, national and international developing have been considered. 

The Open Science Policy emphasises the openness of research and science which is understood from the perspectives of high scientific level, responsibility and impact. The new policy covers the openness of research culture and research practices as well as the openness of education as a new area.  

The policy acts as a guiding document when the University further promotes Open Science with an action plan that will be drafted later. The Open Science working group will next begin to prepare the action plan which specifies the Open Science principles and makes them more concrete in the University community. 

The bilingual Open Science Policy is available on Trepo  

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Chief Specialist Susanna Nykyri, susanna.nykyri [at]   

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