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Tampere University participates in Research Council of Finland’s two new Flagships

Published on 24.10.2023
Tampere University
Tekniikan alan mittapohja, jossa näkyy ruudukkoa.Quantum technology and using mathematics in imaging and modelling are the topics of the two new Finnish Flagships in which Tampere University participates.
The Research Council of Finland selected four new centres of excellence to its Flagship Programme. Tampere University participates in two.

The research areas of the new Flagships range from quantum technology, education, and digital water competence to mathematics in imaging and modelling.

The Flagship of Advanced Mathematics for Sensing, Imaging and Modelling involves Professor of Mathematics Sampsa Pursiainen, Associate Professor Pasi Raumonen, Professor of Biomedical Technology Jari Hyttinen and Professor of Neurology Jukka Peltola. The Flagship is led by Professor Tanja Tarvainen from the University of Eastern Finland.

Professor of Computational Physics Teemu Ojanen is member of the Finnish Quantum Flagship, which is directed by Professor Peter Liljeroth from Aalto University.

The Research Council of Finland will fund the four new Finnish Flagships with a total of nearly 90 million euros over two four-year periods. The Flagships’ host organisations and partners will also contribute significantly to the funding.

Finnish Flagships are large centres of excellence, combining high-quality research and diverse scientific and societal impact with strong collaboration with the business sector and other actors in society.

This is the fourth time that the Research Council of Finland has selected Flagships to the Finnish Flagship Programme launched in 2018. Applicants were required to have strong international research competence and to be pioneers in their field. They were also expected to have a wide range of research impact in different areas of society.

The new Flagships:

  • Digital Waters Flagship (University of Oulu, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Aalto University, Finnish Environment Institute, University of Turku), director: Bjørn Kløve
  • Education for the Future (University of Jyväskylä, University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Turku), director: Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen
  • Flagship of Advanced Mathematics for Sensing, Imaging and Modelling (University of Eastern Finland, University of Helsinki, LUT University, University of Jyväskylä, Aalto University, University of Oulu, Tampere University, Finnish Meteorological Institute), director: Tanja Tarvainen
  • Finnish Quantum Flagship (Aalto University, University of Helsinki, CSC, University of Jyväskylä, Tampere University, University of Oulu, VTT), director: Peter Liljeroth

Research Council of Finland’s press release 24 October 2023