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Tampere University launches new student information system

Published on 6.8.2020
Tampere University
Imaginary Sisu person hugging people in a drawing
Tampere University has introduced a new student information system for managing the entire student lifecycle from the planning of studies to graduation. The new system called Sisu replaces the systems that were used to manage student data and academic records at the former University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. The launch of Sisu is one part of the efforts that are underway to build a shared digital work and service environment for the Tampere Universities community. The new student information system will be used by close to 30,000 students and staff members.

Sisu has been specifically developed to support the planning of studies and progress towards degrees. Teachers use Sisu to devise curricula and course offerings and record the credits earned by students. Students use Sisu to plan their studies, enrol for courses and submit requests electronically, for example, when applying for their degree certificate. Before the implementation of Sisu, students had to log on to multiple systems to manage these processes.  

Data about 200,000 students and 5.7 million study attainments was transferred from the old systems to the new, which illustrates the scale of Sisu.

Sisu became available to University staff on 20 July and to students on 5 August.

“As Sisu is implemented in the form of an evolving basic version, active work will continue to improve the effective use and functionalities of the system. From the perspective of educational functions and services, it is of primary importance that Sisu offers our University a single shared system for managing student data,” says Jukka Mäkinen, director of the Education and Learning unit.

Sisu has been developed in collaboration between six Finnish universities. The system provider is Funidata Oy. Besides Tampere University, the owners and customers of the company include the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, the University of Jyväskylä, LUT University and Hanken School of Economics. Students, teachers and educational administrators from the universities have participated in the development of the system from the start. Tampere University is the first one to introduce Sisu as a full-scale primary student information system.  

“As the implementation of the new system is a major change for our university community, it is a good sign that the University has learned from the confusion surrounding the implementation of the online Student’s guide last autumn and has now openly and actively communicated about the system reform. Sisu will not be a finished system at the time of its launch, and we at the student union are calling for transparent communications about any shortcomings and incomplete features. We hope the system continues to be developed in close collaboration with users and that the members of our community can actively contribute to the process,” says Venla Monter, secretary general of the student union of Tampere University (TREY).

The sysem provider Funidata is likewise looking forward for the years of work to culminate in the large-scale implementation of Sisu across Tampere University.

“A great deal of work has been done in Tampere this summer in preparation for the launch of Sisu, which is a concrete manifestation of our close long-term collaboration. This marks the beginning of the next phase,” Funidata’s CEO Mika Peura says.

Sisu is available at

Sisu video guide in YouTube

If you have questions about using Sisu, please visit the Sisu wiki (only In Finnish) and Tampere University Students' Guide Study Planning and Sisu Info or email sisu [at]

Director, Education and Learning Jukka Mäkinen, tel. +358 50 564 4886, jukka.makinen [at]

Manager, ICT Development Services Jussi-Pekka Pispa, tel. +358 40 574 4466, jussi-pekka.pispa [at]

Chair of the student union of Tampere University Annika Nevanpää, +358 50 361 2845, puheenjohtaja [at]

Secretary General of the student union of Tampere University Venla Monter, +358 50 361 2854, paasihteeri [at]