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Tampere university community’s first joint application round

Published on 18.3.2019
Tampere Universities
The new university community, comprising Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), is visibly under one umbrella in the upcoming joint application round starting on Wednesday 20 March 2019.

Degrees on offer at TAMK and Tampere University provide a wide variety of choices for potential applicants with varied educational backgrounds. The new university community brings together for example technology, health, society and education. University degrees emphasize a scientific approach while TAMK degrees focus more on practical knowledge and skills.

Deepening collaboration between the universities give students a wider course selection and more opportunities to complete cross-institutional studies, different projects and gain working life contacts. The entire community has approximately 30 000 students.

In this application round TAMK offers more than 30 Bachelor’s degrees and Tampere University offers more than 40 Bachelor’s degrees with granted admittance to a relevant Master’s.

Both universities also offer a variety of Master’s degrees in all fields of study for applicants with an existing relevant Bachelor’s degree. All but one Master’s degree on offer at TAMK are studied in the Finnish language. The main application round for degrees in English ended in January 2019.

TAMK also offers a Bachelor’s degree in business administration in the town of Virrat, some 110 km North of Tampere. Tampere University offers five Master’s degrees in the University Consortium of Pori, some 110 km West of Tampere.

Electronic application form opens on 20 March at 8.00 and closes on 3 April at 15.00. Application form is available in the service.

More information (in Finnish) on studies, entrance exams, admission criteria and applying at Information on studies offered in English at

More information:

TAU Admissions
admissions.tau [at]  tel. +358 294 520 400 (Mon-Fri 12-14)

TAMK Admissions
admissions.tamk [at]  tel. +358 294 520 444 (Mon-Fri 12-14)