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Tampere Universities participate in the Fair Trade Week

Published on 21.10.2020
Tampere Universities
Olemme mukana Reilun kaupan viikolla 2020.
Tampere Universities are looking to make a sustainable and globally responsible contribution to the world. In 2019, Tampere Universities received the Fair Trade Campus designation that demonstrates our strong commitment to the principles or ethical consumption and trade.

The Fair Trade Week runs from 19 October to 25 October. Tampere Universities community are contributing to sustainable development through teaching, research and our everyday choices. Choosing to support Fair Trade is part of these choices.

“The Fair Trade campus designation reminds us that our everyday choices have a concrete impact on the well-being of people around the world. As higher education institutions, we have not only an option but also a duty to help address the challenges of sustainable development in the coming decades. Small daily choices are a great start,” says Matias Nurminen, senior specialist in sustainable development at Tampere University.

Fair trade is a global framework that promotes environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly farming and increases the standard of living among 1.7 million smallholder farmers and farm workers in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Being a Fair Trade Campus, Tampere Universities adhere to the principles of ethical trade and celebrate our status by participating in the Fair Trade Week each year.  

The Fair Trade Campus designation awarded by the Fairtrade Finland Association indicates that Tampere Universities are committed to making responsible choices. Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, the student unions TREY and Tamko and the campus restaurants are working together to build a more sustainable world. During the week, fair trade is promoted and discussed internally, and the campus restaurants will highlight the fair trade options available on campus.

The Fair Trade Campus designation means, among other things, that fair trade coffee and tea is automatically served when catering on-campus events and meetings. The selection of coffee and tea provided to staff always includes fair trade options.  

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