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TAMK’s Career Services support students’ career paths

Published on 12.2.2021
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Nelli Pahkamäki ja Minna ArkkoNelli Pahkamäki and Minna Arkko offer students concrete and individual help in job search and career planning.
Minna Arkko and Nelli Pahkamäki are the new staff members of Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Career Services.

“We think that a career is not just a straight path. There may be several paths to different directions. It is possible to deviate from them at times and the same goal can be reached in many different ways,” clarify Minna Arkko and Nelli Pahkamäki who work as planning officers at TAMK’s Career Services. 

The Career Services’ main task is to help students in finding jobs and training places and planning their careers. Above all, the objective is to find a meaningful job. The services are for all TAMK students and degree programmes. 

The Career Services offer multiple types of activities. Their services include personal career counselling, group coaching open for all and specific degree programmes as well as workshops on job search, such as CV workshops and interview simulation. 

“Students who have received personal counselling have been satisfied with the possibility to have individual and concrete help for job search. Based on feedback, international students have received good advice for job search especially in Finland,” Arkko and Pahkamäki tell. 

The Career Services also participate in working life events and projects. They will be in charge of the career monitoring survey for UAS graduates from February 2021. 

Further information on the Career Services can be found in the intranet handbook, on JobTeaser and the Career Services’ Facebook site.

New professionals in the team 

The team formed by Minna Arkko and Nelli Pahkamäki is quite new as they both started at TAMK in 2020. Both of them have prior experience in job search services for immigrants.   

Both Arkko and Pahkamäki think that the varying tasks and impact possibilities on their job contents are the best in their work. Working and discussion with students are also rewarding. 

“It is great to see when career coaching gives new ideas to students,” Arkko says. 

JobTeaser – job search services in one place 

TAMK introduced the JobTeaser service at the end of November with the help of the Career Services. JobTeaser is a platform which includes everything possible to support students’ job search and career planning. It is also available as a free application. 

In the service, students can browse and search for jobs and training places, read company presentations and view an event calendar. It is also possible to subscribe to job or event advertisements which match their search criteria by email. 

The Career Services’ appointment booking and career tips can also be found on JobTeaser. Minna Arkko and Nelli Pahkamäki encourage students to use the service. 

“On JobTeaser, all vacancies and services are in one place and the contents are designed for TAMK students. It surely benefits and supports students throughout their studies.” 

Career Services’ to-do list for students  

  • Check JobTeaser and create your profile there ( 
  • Subscribe to interesting job and career event advertisements by email
  • Download the free JobTeaser application. 
  • Participate in open career workshops (eg CV workshop and interview simulation). Registration at JobTeaser’s Events page. 
  • Book a personal career counselling and/or send your CV for commenting (careerservices.tamk [at] ()). 
  • Read job search tips on JobTeaser. 


Text: Emmi Suominen
Photo: Saara Lehtonen