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TADAM – Resources online and research of AI literacies and disinformation

Published on 14.2.2024
Tampere University
TADAM: 9 European partners want to raise awareness about the impact of AI and algorithms in the media. The main objective of TADAM is the exchange of good practices and the design of educational resources specifically related to the issue of the impact – both positive and negative – of artificial intelligence and algorithms in the media, the production of information and its reception by the public.

New Creative Europe project TADAM “Tools and Awareness on Disinformation, Algorithms and Media” (2024-2025) is based on the lack of media education resources about AI awareness. The project is implementing a bottom-up process across countries for identifying the educational challenges, collecting potential good practices, and co-designing media education resources together with an evaluative study aiming to an open Online Lab into which will be gathered the contents and results of these activities spread over Europe.

This project is composed by journalism and media education resource centers and NGO’s together with universities as nine (9) partners in Europe, coordinated by media education center Media Animation in Belgium.  The Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (Tampere University) is leading the WP on "Follow up and dissemination" including the scientific outputs of the project.

Tampere University contacts: Sirkku Kotilainen, sirkku.kotilainen [at] and Tuulikki Ala-Mettälä, tuulikki.alamettala [at] 

More about the project, @Media_Animation:


Média Animation (Belgium),
Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium),
University of Florence (Italy),
Tampere Univeristy (Finland),
Paul Valéry University of Montpelier ( France)
Karpos, the center for education and Intercultural communication (Greece)
lCS, Institute of Communication Studies (Macedonia),
IFJ – the International Federation of Journalists 
IAME, the International Media Education Association 


TADAM is a project co-financed by the European Union's Creative Europe programme.

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