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Susanna Lohiniemi joins the fundraising team of Tampere University

Published on 18.8.2020
Tampere University
Susanna Lohiniemi
Susanna Lohiniemi (MA, eMBA) took up her new appointment as specialist, fundraising and stakeholder relations in the Innovation Services and Partnerships unit of Tampere University after the summer holidays. Susanna, who majored in German philology and is part of the Tampere Alumni community, brings to her new role a broad range of fundraising experience.

- I was born and bred in Tampere and still live here. My family includes two children, now young adults, and a husband with a doctorate in technology who is also part of the Tampere Alumni community. 

- I find that the University has made Tampere what it is now, namely a modern, fast-growing city, she says.

Susanna has extensive experience in fundraising and the management of stakeholder relations. She has worked for several non-profit organisations, her most recent position being that of executive director of Tampere Children’s Hospital Support Foundation.   

- It is important to be fully committed to the organisation and its goals when occupying a fundraising position. In all my previous workplaces, I have always believed in what I was doing. Now that I have joined Tampere University’s fundraising team, I continue to stay true to myself and my values.

- Being a large and impressive academic institution, the University is a very interesting place to work. I am excited to be learning about all the wonderful things happening here, she says.

In her free time Susanna enjoys roaming the woods, whether orienteering, foraging for mushroom, picking berries or walking the dog. The family has a second home overlooking Paarlahti bay in Kämmenniemi where they spend time all year round.

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