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Subject teacher education in transition: educating teachers for the future

Published on 22.6.2021
Tampere Universities
Kansi Subject Teacher
In Finland, teachers specialized in teaching a subject or subjects have been educated at the university level since the beginning of public and teacher education in the 19th century. This book introduces readers to the development, theories and practices of subject teacher education at the University of Tampere during the last 25‒30 years; but from the perspective of the future of teaching and teacher education.

The authors of this book are teacher educators and researchers, representing educational sciences, foreign languages, mother tongue, art education, mathematics and science, or social science teacher education.

The book is aimed at domestic and international audiences alike, providing insight to researchers, students and professionals interested in subject teacher education.

Eero Ropo & Riitta Jaatinen (eds.) Subject Teacher Education in Transition : Educating Teachers for the Future. Tampere University Press, 2020.

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