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Study Expo provides information on free choice studies

Published on 31.3.2023
Tampere University
Study Expo
The presentation on environmental, energy and bioengineering study opportunities attracted many students interested on Monday.
At Study Expo, students can get acquainted with free choice study options and ask questions about the studies that interest them. Until 4 April, events will be organised alternately on the city centre and Hervanta campuses.

“It is more difficult to decide what not to study than what you would like to study, because I am interested in so many things,” sums up Tuure Lindström, a first-year student of materials science who participated in the Study Expo event on the Hervanta campus on Monday.

The presentations included HUBS entrepreneurship studies and the opportunities for internationalisation in the studies. Lindström and his fellow student Emil Sipinen were particularly interested in entrepreneurship studies.

“I will try to find employment in smaller companies. I would like to be involved in product development, especially in the medical sector, because nowadays many work phases too costly,” Sipinen says.


Opiskelijat tutustuvat vapaasti valittaviin opintoihin tapahtumassa.
First-year materials engineering students Tuure Lindström (left) and Emil Sipinen are currently considering which free choice studies they will include in their degree. Both are interested in entrepreneurship and product development.

The aim of the Study Expo event is to provide students with information on free choice studies and support them to make choices. Representatives of different fields will be present, from whom students can ask more about the studies that interest them and what they include.

“I am interested in entrepreneurship. I came to see what the university’s entrepreneurship studies would be like in practice,” Lindström says.

You can adjust your degree

Elisa Sinikallio, Education Specialist at Tampere University, is one of the organisers of the event. According to her, students often wonder which free choice studies they should include in their degree. Study Expo provides information to support such choices.

“With free choice studies, you can adjust your degree to your liking. With the help of your choices, you can tailor your degree to your liking,” Sinikallio says.

Nelli Berg, a first-year student in industrial management, came to the venue on Monday to hear more about the free choice studies in environmental engineering. She also considered taking environmental engineering as her major, meaning she is particularly interested in the field.

“After graduation, it would be great to research issues related to business and production from the perspective of sustainability and the environment. That would be important to me,” Berg says.


Opiskelija katsoo kameraan ja nojaa porraskaiteeseen.
Nelli Berg is studying industrial engineering and management for the first year at Tampere University. She also considered environmental engineering as a major, which is why the free choice studies in the field are of particular interest.

Internationalisation pays off

Expert Mira Kauppinen came to the event to tell students about the possibilities of internationalisation in their studies. According to her, there are many opportunities: student exchange, internships abroad, tutoring international students or, for example, clubs where you can network with international students.

If you are interested in student exchange, Kauppinen encourages students to go.

“In exchange studies, you learn to manage things in a foreign culture and with different people in a foreign language, and of course, you also grow mentally because of it. For many, it is a big life experience, an opportunity which is definitely worth seizing,” she encourages.

The Study Expo of the academic year of 2022–2023 will be held from 27 March to 4 April 2023 on the city centre and Hervanta campuses.

Text: Virpi Ekholm
Photo: Eino Ansio