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Self-rated health tells extensively about the state of the body

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A multi-centre study conducted at Tampere University shows that a person’s own general assessment of his or her health broadly reflects the biological state of the body. Using a scale of very good – poor to assess one’s own health is logically related to several biomarkers measured in blood and urine that describe organ systems. The connection also exists in people who do not have chronic illnesses. Self-rated health is the world’s most widely used health indicator that predicts mortality, the development of health, and the need for services.

The study suggests that self-rated health is a valid measure of health even though it does not reveal individual health problems. The result can be partly explained by the fact that biomarkers are associated with various diseases and lifestyles, but it is also possible that a person can sense events in his or her own body better than previously understood.

The study was conducted at Tampere University’s Health Sciences Unit and Gerontology Research Center. It was published in the Scientific Reports journal. The study analysed the health information of approximately 15,000 adults aged 18–92, and 150 biomarkers.

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