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New open access book examines leadership in a changing and complex environment

Published on 5.2.2019
Tampere University

The world is changing rapidly. Many contemporary problems are increasingly complex. Leading Change in a Complex World: Transdisciplinary Perspectives is a new transdisciplinary book offering tools for leaders, analysts and students of leadership to navigate in complex and interconnected settings. It proposes an analytical framework based on complexity, relational leadership, and dynamic change.

Individual chapters examine these ideas in relation to topical societal, organisational and business challenges such as the changing global security environment, urbanisation, demographic changes, and business-government relations. The leadership roles of heads of states and societal stakeholders are analysed and versatile leadership and management practices from conflict management to evaluation are introduced. The possibilities for change are examined through global megatrends, shifting global power blocs, changes in consumer practices, as well as those emanating from abstract concepts such as the circular economy.

The book was edited by Anni Kangas, Johanna Kujala, Antti Lönnqvist, Anna Heikkinen, Harri Laihonen and Julia Bethwaite from Tampere University. It serves as course material in the Master’s Degree Programme in Leadership for Change in which several of the book’s authors teach.

The book is openly available on the Tampere University institutional repository TamPub. It will also be available on the OAPEN Library portal and on the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB).

Anni Kangas, Johanna Kujala, Antti Lönnqvist, Anna Heikkinen, Harri Laihonen ja Julia Bethwaite (eds.) Leading Change in a Complex World: Transdisciplinary Perspectives. Tampere University Press, 2019.

Book launch on 13 February, at 15–17 o’clock, in hall Pinni A1018 (address Kanslerinrinne 1), Tampere University. Welcome!

More information from the editors:
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