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New generation of students start their studies at Tampere University!

Published on 20.8.2019
Tampere University
OpiskelijatTampere University has welcomed its first new students.
The Welcome Week marks the beginning of the academic year with a series of events and activities that help new students get to know their new surroundings and meet fellow students.

The Welcome Week for new students is in full swing! Besides the approximately 3,400 new degree students starting their studies at Tampere University this autumn, the University is welcoming 400 exchange students from all over the world.

Veeti Vuorisalo was admitted to the Finnish-taught Degree Programme in Information Technology at Tampere University. He is hoping to meet new people over the first few weeks.

“I have always been interested in information technology, so programming was a perfect choice for me. I am going to take part in the social activities to get to know my fellow students,” Vuorisalo says.

Veeti Vuorisalo
Veeti Vuorisalo comes from Sastamala and finds Tampere a pleasant city.

Jesper Nyman from Hämeenlinna enrolled to pursue a degree in business studies. He picked Tampere as it is close to home.

“Well, I chose business studies because I was not really interested in anything else. I hope to make some new friends in my first weeks here,” Nyman said.

Emilia Suvanto
Emilia Suvanto moved to Tampere from Mäntsälä.

Emilia Suvanto has lived in Tampere for a year, so she already knows the city. Suvanto will major in administrative studies.

“I hope we start creating a positive group identity and that I will make some new friends. I would like to know more about the skills that I will need while working towards a university degree,” Suvanto says.

President Walls highlighted the role of students in building the higher education community

New students attended an orientation to studies on the city centre campus on Tuesday. President Mari Walls gave them a welcome address in the main auditorium.

“The new Tampere University started its operations at the beginning of this year, and you are our first generation of students,” Walls said. 

Rehtori Mari Walls
President Mari Walls gave a speech highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of Tampere University.

Walls emphasised the three main pillars of the new University: technology, health and society. She also highlighted the important role of students in developing the higher education community.

“As new students, you are an all-important resource in developing the new Tampere higher education community. Our community is made up of 35,000 people, so we have a significant impact on how Tampere looks. After all, 24-year-olds are the largest age group in Tampere.”

One of the particular strengths of Tampere University is a commitment to multidisciplinarity. President Walls encouraged all new students to browse the full selection of course offerings.

“I am confident that we will be able to offer each and every one of you interesting opportunities to follow an individual path towards your degree. Keep an open mind. And make sure to visit all our campuses during your studies,” Walls said.

Tutors show new students around three campuses

New students receive perhaps their most important form of support from their student tutors. This autumn, there are about 800 tutors at Tampere University ready to help all our newcomers. Older students show new students the ropes and help them navigate university life. As a new twist, tutors are now taking new students on a tour of three campuses: the city centre campus, Hervanta campus and Kauppi campus.  

Fairs and exhibitions will also be arranged for students, new and old alike, to introduce them to all the available minors.


Text: Jaakko Kinnunen
Pictures: Jonne Renvall