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Music and creative industries export to Japan got a good push forward by Finest Sounds project

Published on 27.5.2019
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Finest Sounds
Finnish-Estonian tour de force, Finest Sounds, has completed after a couple of years of travelling, networking and composing new export strategies. Boosting both Finnish and Estonian music and creative industries export to Japan, Finest Sounds worked as a first push towards opening doors, starting a new era for music export to the second biggest market in the world.

Finest Sounds was introduced to and quickly developed forward by Tampere University of Applied Sciences, TAMK. Along the way both Music Finland and Music Estonia, as well as Music & Media event and Tallinn Music Week were natural actors to join the party.

TAMK's Head of Degree Programme in Media and Arts and Project Manager Timo Kivikangas praises the project for it’s views on the unique Japanese market and rewarding collaboration between TAMK and other participating universities, HUMAK University of Applied Sciences in Finland and Baltic Film School at Tallinn University in Estonia.

"Finest Sounds allowed a large group of present and future professionals to learn a lot and network with new international contacts. This will without a doubt help many artists, companies and other professionals in terms of export in the future. The hopes we had for Finest Sounds were well reached and some of them exceeded", says Kivikangas.

Finest Sounds engaged companies and artists towards exporting to Japan, expanding music networks globally. In doing so it also brought Finnish and Estonian scenes closer to each other. Both Music Finland and Music Estonia continue to seek opportunities to support exporting to Japan also in the future. In all, the initiative engaged 28 Finnish artists (and 10 from Estonia), 35 Finnish music companies (15 from Estonia) and 18 other Finnish companies (14 from Estonia).

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Photo: Jenna Ylikoski