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More than thousand applicants to TAMK’s professional teacher educations – 366 applicants to Guidance Counsellor Education

Published on 20.1.2023
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Mies ja kaksi naista istuvat katolla auringon paisteessa.
Professional teacher educations interest applicants. Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Professional Teacher Education had 658 primary applications, Guidance Counsellor Education 366 primary applications and Special Needs Teacher Education 49 primary applications.

The largest growth in the number of applicants took place in the Guidance Counsellor Education.

“The change in the admission procedure had its impact on the large growth in the number of applicants. Now for the first time, admission to the Guidance Counsellor Education takes place through completing a course. The new admission procedure is only used at TAMK, which was a brave change. In practice, the new model enables admission without a long teaching and supervision experience or extensive prior studies”, describes Director Hanna Ilola from TAMK’s Professional Teacher Education.

The Professional Guidance Counsellor and Special Needs Teacher Educations also interest subject teachers because the need for counselling and support has increased in educational institutions. Most applicants were teachers from vocational upper secondary education or the university of applied sciences but there were also applicants from other educational institutions and higher education institutions. The Special Needs Teacher Education has started close cooperation with Tampere University.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences offers professional teacher education in Seinäjoki, Pori, Savonlinna and Lappeenranta. Admitted students may also specialise in STEM education. TAMK’s professional teacher education studies may also be completed in English or online, which is important for those studying alongside work.

The next application period to professional teacher educations opens in a year. Universities of applied sciences also offer professional teacher education studies in the open UAS and continuing education for teachers.

Further information:
Director Hanna Ilola, tel. +358 40 0263 675, hanna.ilola [at]