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The many faces of humour

Published on 6.5.2024
Tampere University
Moral dimensions of humour -teoksen kansikuva.
This new book unpacks the role of humour in challenging societal norms, questioning identities, and shaping political discourse.

Moral Dimensions of Humour explores the concept of humour and its relationship with human behaviour. The authors reflect on tales of monsters and heroes that serve as metaphors for the entire moral spectrum of human existence, ranging from the aspirational ideals to the repressed and horrifying.

The eight essays in the volume explore various cultural products and contexts covering a wide range of time, from the sixteenth century to the present day. They prompt readers to reflect upon social norms and other ethical implications of humour from the viewpoint of stereotypes and political behaviour, for example. Artificial intelligence and the impact of the non-human on humans and society are also featured both in the illustrations of the book and in the sonic conclusion, which can be found as an audio file linked with the book.

The contributors of this interdisciplinary volume include scholars of literature, science communication, cultural studies, and virology. The open access book published by Tampere University Press is available on the publisher’s website and the OAPEN Library.

Benjamin Nickl & Mark Rolfe (eds). Moral Dimensions of Humour: Essays on Humans, Heroes and Monsters. Tampere University Press, 2024.

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