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Library collection development enables more customer premises to the Linna unit

Published on 10.2.2021
Tampere Universities
Kirjaston Linnan toimipiste
The Tampere University Library is constantly developing its operations. Active collection work ensures the availability and sufficiency of up-to-date material for our customers. With the collection work, we respond to the feedback of a customer survey conducted last year and clarify the printed collection at the Linna unit by pruning material from the collection that has not been in active use.

Linna unit collection project's aim is to is to develop both the collection and the customer premises. In line with the campus strategy, we aim to create possibilities for new types of learning and working spaces in library. By updating the material and pruning out obsolete material that is in poor condition, we respond to the customer feedback we have received and at the same time we ensure a better access to the current, actively used material. The space freed up from the storage of this material makes it possible to add the working space needed by customers to the library's premises.

Deletion of the material is part of the normal systematic development and life cycle of the library's collections, in which experts ensure that the library's collection is up-to-date. Deletions from materials are made taking into account the specific nature of different disciplines. As the amount of electronic material continues to grow, a large part of the new material, especially from international science publishers, will come directly to our collections as e-material. The expansion of the e-material enables the use of library material for study and research purposes, regardless of time and place. The core task of the Tampere University Library is to provide the Tampere University community with up-to-date, sufficient and suitable materials in a timely manner. The availability of older and less used material to our customers will continue to be guaranteed through interlibrary loan service for example through National Repository Library.

The collection development project will continue through 2021, and in the same connection we will also start planning the renovation of the library's customer premises.

For more information: Manager, information resources, Kaisa Haapa-aho, kaisa.haapa-aho [at]