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Important information: The premises of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will be closed as of 18 March; only employees performing specified duties can continue working on the campuses (published on 17 March)

Published on 17.3.2020
Tampere Universities
We hold the safety of our work and study environments and the health and wellbeing of all the members of our community as our highest priority. Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation and decisions issued by the public authorities and will issue necessary instructions together.

The top management of the University and TAMK have issued the following guidelines on 17 March:

  • The premises of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will be closed as of 18 March.
  • Teaching will continue to be delivered as widely as possible via digital platforms. As a rule, students will not have access to the campuses from 18 March onwards. Instructions concerning, for example, internships and the completion of theses will be provided in the next few days.
  • Taking examinations on the Tampere University campuses will not be possible between 18 March and 13 April. The assessment of student performance will be carried out by putting in place alternative arrangements. Course-specific information will be provided by teachers. Information about examinations at TAMK will be provided separately.
  • All our staff will switch to teleworking as of 18 March. Only employees who perform critical functions relating to research, RDI activities, distance education or support services may work on the campuses. Supervisors will notify those employees who may continue working on campus.    
  • The purpose of all the measures is to minimise the number of coronavirus cases. No more than ten people may be present in same facilities at a time and even then the necessary precautions must be observed.
  • Personal work equipment must be collected from the workplace on Tuesday 17 March. Employer-owned equipment will not be provided to the home offices of our staff.
  • Individual cases and questions about the organisation of activities will be resolved based on the above guidelines.

More information about guidelines and instructions will be provided no later than 18 March.

Latest updates on the coronavirus:

Tampere Universities provide regular updates on the coronavirus situation by continuously updating a news piece displayed on the intranet main page and on weekdays by providing information via email. Depending on the target group, emails will be sent from the following addresses:   (Tampere Universities), (Tampere University community) and (TAMK community). Do not reply to the messages sent from these addresses. Information about the coronavirus situation is also published on the website, but the intranet is our primary communication channel.

Questions about the coronavirus situation: korona [at] (korona[at]tuni[dot]fi)