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Igor Vassilev competes in Slush

Published on 21.11.2019
Tampere University
Igor Vassilev kertoo ideastaan Slushissa.
Eight postdoc-researchers compete at Slush on 100 000 euro Skolar Award for research. Tampere University’s Igor Vassilev is one of them.

The reseachers will pitch their research ideas on Friday and Igor Vassilev will present his idea of how by electrifying bacteria can carbon dioxide be turned into food.

Igor Vassilev wants to convert carbon dioxide into food using microbial electrochemical synthesis. This biotechnology allows to power slow-growing microorganisms with renewable electricity from solar energy. These supercharged microbes have enough energy to transform the C02 into vinegar, which is then eaten by fast-growing bacteria allowing rapid biomass formation. The whole process happens in a bioreactor and the result is environmental-friendly, safe and nutritious food.

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