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How to convert your thesis and other documets into PDF / A format easily

Published on 29.4.2019
Tampere Universities
Tampere university Library offers Muuntaja -service for the PDF / A conversion of files to the whole higher university community.

Muuntaja –service  allows you to convert standard PDF files, Microsoft Word .doc and .docx files, and OpenOffice .odt files to PDF / A format. For other software, you can make a standard PDF first and then convert it to PDF/A with Muuntaja. The Muuntaja –service  is available to the entire higher university community and its use is possible with Tuni-ID.

In addition to the Muuntaja –service, PDF/A format files can be produced in many different ways. For example, university multifunction devices can scan paper documents into PDF/A files. In addition, it is possible to convert electro-electronic materials into PDF/A format, eg by using Microsoft Office or Adobe programs by adjusting the recording or print settings. More information and instructions can be found on the Intranet Storage of Documents (under construction) page.

Tampere University is gradually moving to electronic long-term preservation and archiving, which requires file formats that support document storage. PDF / A is a file format for long-term preservation and archiving of documents to ensure that the document remains readable in a variety of electronic environments. The PDF/A standard allows only some of the features of the PDF and at the same time ensures that all the elements needed to display the document are packaged into a shared document.
All theses at the Tampere university are archived only electronically.

Muuntaja -service:

For more information:
Transforming theses to PDF / A: thesis [at] (thesis[at]tuni[dot]fi)
Transforming other documents to PDF / A: tau [at] (tau[at]tuni[dot]fi)