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Hiring 16 doctoral students to join the CONVERGENCE of Humans and Machines research field at TAU

Published on 10.1.2023
Tampere University
In summer of 2022, Tampere University received €3 million in support from the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation to establish the CONVERGENCE of Humans and Machines research field within the Doctoral Programme of Humans and Technologies – DPHAT. Now, Convergence is looking to hire the 16 Ph.D. students to become holistic experts in the field.



CONVERGENCE is the trailblazing doctoral field, which aims at bringing together expertise of natural sciences & engineering (ENG) and social sciences & humanities (SSH) in multidisciplinary union. As many as 16 doctoral research projects are related to the following developments: affective computing, gamification, augmented reality, cybernetics, ubiquitous connectivity, dispersed computing, AI & machine learning, and robotics & machine perception. Each student will be supervised by two leading senior faculty members (and, sometimes, a PostDoc or company/organization representative). The main supervisor and the co-supervisor are from different research fields: ENG and SSH.

Read more about 16 open doctoral positions and supervisory team details here:


Join CONVERGENCE… And make a change!


The list of open positions (as of 07.01.2023) is:


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