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Hanna Toiviainen: Adult Learning at Work and in Collaboration

Published on 14.6.2022
Tampere University
Hanna Toiviainen is Professor of Adult Education in the Faculty of Education and Culture. Her special interests include developmental work research and learning research of multi-sector collaboration networks.

“My research focuses on the learning challenges of adults in work activities that require multi-sector collaboration, crossing boundaries and working with changing and complex objects.“

According to Toiviainen, working life tends to be described as an area of life that is changing and that places new demands on workers in terms of skills and flexibility. However, more important than enabling employees to adapt is empowering them to influence the direction of change.

“In the future, in which we are already living, work must be done in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable way.“

Adult education explores learners' capacities for action and participation in a changing world, both in their personal lives and in the community.

Toiviainen points out that developmental work research can provide the knowledge needed to integrate learning more closely into everyday working practices, as workplaces change and demands for multi-sector collaboration increase. The researcher can help to structure and analyse the challenges of change and support collaborative learning through specific development methods.

“The general interest in lifelong learning and the increasing demand for continuous learning ensure that adult learning will remain important, and its relevance will only grow in the coming years.”

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